Maturity Mathematics is a great discipleship series that helps believers understand what they should add, subtract, multiply, and divide. This innovative series is full of great illustrations, helpful power points, and fully outlined manuscripts for easy editing.The Division message is a powerful stewardship sermon that has helped churches increase their giving up to 30%!
    Part 1 - Addition
    Part 2 - Subtraction
    Part 3 - Multiplication
    Part 4 - Division
Download Sermons & Power Points Separately: $4.00 Each
This creative Christmas series gives hope to those who really need to experience the Peace of God  during the holiday season. Hectic schedules, frantic buying, and broken relationships threaten the peace we should rest in during Christmas time. Use this series to remind everyone of the angel's promise, "Peace on earth"!
    Part 1 - The Fruitcake Zone (Family)
    Part 2 - Jingle Bills (Money)
    Part 3 - O Come All Ye Failures (Failure)
Download Sermons & Power Points Separately: $4.00 Each

This is a perfect series for saying "Thank You" to some of the most honorable people in your community. "To Whom Honor Is Due" is a series that stresses the importance of recognizing and showing gratitude to those who serve in our communities or have reached a milestone in their own lives. Each sermon covers biblical reasons to honor:
    Part 1 - Teachers
    Part 2 - Mothers
    Part 3 - City Servants
    Part 4 - Graduates (Finding Your Own Oz)
    Part 5 - Military
Download Sermons & Power Points Separately: $4.00 Each

The word "access" appears only three times in the New Testament. When you study what Believers have access to through faith, you'll discover some areas that are off limits to those who don't have faith. Faith in Jesus Christ provides believers access to God's Grace, God's Provision, God's Vision and God's Victory!
    Part 1 - Access To God's Grace
    Part 2 - Access To God's Provision
    Part 3 - Access To God's Vision
    Part 4 - Access To God's Victory
Download Sermons & Power Points Separately: $4.00 Each

Love Songs is a powerful and fun relationship series that uses titles of some of the most popular Love Songs ever. It's a series that explains the heart of God and his love for us as the basis of our love for each other. Love Songs is a sermon series based on 1 Corinthians 13 which includes the greatest definition of love in history.
    Part 1 - What is Love?
    Part 2 - The Power of Love
    Part 3 - What's Love Got To Do With It?
    Part 4 - Stop In The Name of Love!

Complete Church-wide Discipleship Kit
The 4G Challenge
6 Part Series to help people find healing from emotional wounds
4 Part Series exploring the root meaning of Fellowship
Fellowship Factory
3 Part Missions Series that asks God to Give Us His Eyes
Give Me Your Eyes
4 Part Series that encourages people to take a Flying Leap
4 Part Series revealing God's Overflowing Grace
4 Part Series that teaches how to build Margin into your life.
4 Part Series that teaches how to make an Impact that lasts forever
Outlive Your Life
4 Part Missions Series that helps us see the Big Picture.
5 Part Church Growth Series based on the Church in Acts
5 Part Family Series using classic Family Games
The Family Game
4 Part Word Study Series from specific words Jesus said
The Series below have Sermons and PowerPoints that are available for individual download. For More Information About

4 Part Series that challenges believers to live Backward.
7 Part Series on the Miracles in the Gospel of John.
When You Need A Miracle
4 Part Biblical, Practical Series For Positive Change
How To Change Your Life​
4 Part Relationship Series based on 1 Corinthians 13
Love Songs​
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4 Part Series that explains why all true believers should love their church.  I Love My Church
5 Part Series that explains why faith without works is dead.
Faith Works​
4 Part Christmas Series describing the Perfect Gift!
To Me, From God​
4 Part Series perfect for the month of November. 
Give Thanks​
3 Part Series identifying the most common stress points in life.
Stress Check​
6 Part Doctrinal Series with fun football illustrations.
Intentional Grounding​
2 Part Series describing the fruit of the vine & branches.

29 Part Expository Sermon Series on the Greatest Sermon ever preached. 

The Sermon on the Mount​​
11 Part Expository Teaching Series through the Book of Philippians.

Philippians - A Life Worth Living​​