It's time to live Backward! Maybe the reason many believers don't experience a dynamic relationship with God is because they are living like everyone else is living. If you want what very few have, you've got to do what very few people are willing to do! This InnovativeWORD series explores some "backward" principles that the world calls strange, but God calls normal.

Part 1 - The Backward Choice
Part 2 - The Backward Call
Part 3 - Zero Power
Part 4 - VIP Treatment   
Included With This Series:
-4 Outlined Manuscript Sermons
-4 Complete PowerPoint Presentations
-4 Intro Videos & 1 Teaser (HD 1080p - MOV - AVI formats)
-4 Listener Handouts with Small Group Discussions
-All Series Graphics - 2011  
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Part 1 - The Backward Choice