Faith WORKs
Faith is invisible... unless we show it! Faith Works explains what James meant when he said that "faith without works is dead". It's time to make our faith visible by worshipping, obeying, reaching out, and kindling our faith with others!
James tells us that faith without any evidence is useless. He calls it "dead" faith. So how can I know if my faith is alive? How can I tell if my faith is real, living faith? "Faith Works" helps answer those questions by revealing what people with living faith will do.

Part 1 - Dead or Alive?
Part 2 - Top Priority (Worship)
Part 3 - Living Proof (Obey)
Part 4 - Love, Live, Lead (Reach Out)
Part 5 - Church On Fire! (Kindle)
This series kit includes sermons, powerpoints. listener handouts & small group discussions, Intro Videos & all series graphics.

Download The Entire Sermon Series Kit Here:​​
This series is one of the most important we've ever done. It clearly identifies what Christ followers can do to show their faith is real. The extra handout "My Story" is a powerful tool for helping people prepare themselves to reach out in a practical way. This series just "WORKS"!
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