Outlive Your Life
Everyone's life leaves an impression. But how deep? How long will your influence last? Outlive Your Life is a series that helps you discover how to make your influence last forever!
God intends for our influence to last forever. Help people see the difference they can make for eternity when they learn how to share their faith with others. Outlive Your Life starts with personal purity and preparation, and then teaches how to "break the gospel sound barrier" by sharing Christ with our life and our lips! If you're interested in your church becoming a church of irresistible influence, this series is for you!
   Part 1 - Maximum Impact
   Part 2 - Live Out Loud
   Part 3 - The Measure of a Man
   Part 4 - Laws of Attraction
Included in Outlive Your Life:
  -4 Outlined Manuscript Sermons
  -4 Complete PowerPoint Presentations
  -4 Listener Handouts
  -4 Small Group Discussions
  -4 Intro Videos for each Sermon
  -1 Video Teaser
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