It's time to move from Overload to Under-Control with this Sermon Series Kit from InnovativeWORD! The fact is, most people suffer from some form of overload: Physical, Emotional, Relational, or Financial Overload. This series helps identify the symptoms and affects of Overload and offers biblical solutions and practical steps to reduce the overload and build margin into our lives. This series comes complete with Outlined Manuscripts, PowerPoints, Intro and Illustration Videos, Handouts, Small Group Questions, and Graphics!
   Part 1 - What I Need 
   Part 2 - Load Limits
   Part 3 - Space Wars
   Part 4 - The Switch
Extra Material Included!

When you purchase this series, you not only get 4 Complete Outlined Manuscript Sermons and PowerPoints, but you'll also get Sermon Handouts, Small Group Discussions, Sermon Intro Videos, Illustration videos, and graphics for NTV Week (No TV Week)  Challenge and the Eat at Home Challenge with Testimony Handouts!
Here's a sample one of the Video Illustrations: