Where was Jesus born? When? How? Why? There are many misconceptions about Christ's birth. Was Jesus an actual historical figure? If so, then how should it impact my life? This innovativeword series is a perfect way to teach the significance of Christmas while providing practical ways to make the most of the Holiday.
    Part 1 - Christmisconceptions
    Part 2 - Your Holiday Shopping Guide

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The world looks on the outward appearance of a person to determine whether or not you are successful. But what about God? This creative series points out that God isn't interested in the flash, hype and "look at me" attitude. What really matters to God is the three most important inner qualities; Faith, Hope and Love.
     Part 1 - Is The Bling The Main Thing?
     Part 2 - Flash vs. Faith
     Part 3 - Hype vs. Hope
     Part 4 - "Look at Me" vs. "Look at You"
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Life is a "Construction Zone"! This series is designed to help us all submit to the Master Builder and allow Him to build some essentials in our lives. In the four week Building Codes Series you will help the people you minister to learn how to let God build an ark, a wall, a house, and an altar in their lives.
    Part 1 - Build An Ark
    Part 2 - Build A Wall
    Part 3 - Build A House
    Part 4 - Build An Altar
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This InnovativeWord.com series is a verse by verse exposition of the amazing book of Malachi. Today's church needs to hear and understand the warnings and wonders of the book of Malachi. This series on Malachi stretches God's New Testament Priesthood to become radically devoted followers of Jesus Christ by taking the next step in commitment.
    Part 1 - Casual Commitment
    Part 2 - Perverted Privileges
    Part 3 - Dishonest Devotion
    Part 4 - Faithful Fathers
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This powerful series can bring true biblical revival to your church by helping your people recognize whether they are "flat" or "fizzy". True Carbonated Churches follow the biblical model of church growth found in the Early Church. This series has reportedly helped churches increase their attendance by as much as 50% in just 5 weeks!
    Part 1 - Flat
    Part 2 - Maximizing Our Fizz
    Part 3 - Shaken, Not Stirred
    Part 4 - Sharing The Fizz
    Part 5 - Maintaining Our Fizz
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Life is hard. We get hurt... by people, by loss, by addictions, by depression. And it leaves us "Wounded". This healing series from InnovativeWord.com helps people find healing from some of the wounds they have been carrying around for years. Each sermon and power point is specifically designed to help the hurting and be set free from some of the most devastating wounds of life.
    Part 1 - First Aid
    Part 2 - Dropping The "F" Bomb! (Forgiveness)
    Part 3 - Good Grief
    Part 4 - Stop Hitting Yourself (Addiction)
    Part 5 - Shut The Door (Dealing With Past Wounds)
    Part 6 - Defeating Depression

Love Songs is a powerful and fun relationship series that uses titles of some of the most popular Love Songs ever. It's a series that explains the heart of God and his love for us as the basis of our love for each other. Love Songs is a sermon series based on 1 Corinthians 13 which includes the greatest definition of love in history.
    Part 1 - What is Love?
    Part 2 - The Power of Love
    Part 3 - What's Love Got To Do With It?
    Part 4 - Stop In The Name of Love!
Download Sermons & Power Points Separately: $4.00 Each
Download Sermons & Power Points Separately: $4.00 Each