The Family Game is a brand new, innovative family series that uses classic board games to help illustrate powerful biblical principles for the Family.
 This series kit has it all including:
  -Outlined Manuscripts of each Sermon
  -Complete PowerPoint Presentations
  -Complete Keynote Presentations (MAC)
  -Listener Handouts
  -Small Group Discussion Questions
  -5 Intro Videos (one for each sermon)
  -All Series Graphics
Comments About The Family Game:

"This was the best series I've ever heard! It should be turned into a book to help families everywhere!"

"The Family Game is the most creative series I've ever heard on the Family. Not only was it informative, but it was fun!"

"The RISK sermon may have just saved our marriage!

"The message about teenagers was the best exposition I've ever heard on Psalm 127! I've gone to church for years 
and never heard a better message on understanding teenagers and how to prepare them for success!"

"I highly recommend the Family Game to any pastor or teacher who truly wants to communicate to today's family. This
series has the potential of not only impacting families in your church and community, but generations to come."

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Also Included:
Bonus Suggestions on how to make The Family Game the most innovative series you've ever done!
Family Game
Family Game
Part 1 - The Game of Life: "Resurrecting Your Relationships"
Part 2 - UNO: "The Power of One"
Part 3 - Chutes & Ladders: "The Ups & Downs of Parenting
Part 4 - RISK: "Minimizing The Risk of Divorce"
Part 5 - Trouble: "Raising Teens Without Raising My Blood Pressure!

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