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When you purchase this series, not only do you get 6 Complete Outlined/Manuscript Sermons and PowerPoints, but you'll also get Sermon Handouts and the Small Group Video Sessions. Each session takes learners through each message topic. Designed as a "complete do-it-yourself" video study to help small groups apply the healing of the wounded series.  Also included: The Small Group Leader Training Video.
Here's a sample of the Small Group Session Videos:
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All 29 Sermons!​​
The Sermon on the Mount is the greatest sermon ever preached. Jesus sat down and taught these timeless truths to crowds who were amazed by the authority of His teaching. Now you can teach through His entire sermon verse by verse with this InnovativeWord Expository Teaching Series!

This Teaching Series includes 29 Verse by Verse Outlined Manuscript Sermons covering the entire Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7)
It's perfect for building Sunday Morning Series, Sunday School Lessons, Sunday Night or Wednesday Night teaching! As usual, all sermons come in InnovativeWord's "Ready To Preach" format!​​​
29 Sermons
Sermon #1 - Introducing The Greatest Sermon Ever Preached
Sermon #2 - The Road To Happiness
Sermon #3 - As Long As I'm Sad, I'm Happy​​
Sermon #4 - ​The Meekness Factory
Sermon #5 - Happy Are The Hungry
Sermon #6 - Let's Play Mercy
Sermon #7 - Happy Are The Holy
Sermon #8 - Happy Are The Peacemakers
Sermon #9 - Happy Are The Harassed
Sermon #10 - Aspire To Perspire
Sermon #11 - Night Lights
Sermon #12 - Jesus And The Law
Sermon #13 - Who Is A Murderer?
Sermon #14 - Who Is An Adulterer?
Sermon #15 - Divorce & Remarriage
Sermon #16 - Communication And The Christian
Sermon #17 - Relationships, Rights & Retaliation
Sermon #18 - Real Love Makes The World Say, "Huh?"
Sermon #19 - No Applause, Just Money!
Sermon #20 - Secrets of Prayer
Sermon #21 - The Model Prayer
Sermon #22 - Biblical Fasting
Sermon #23 - Mastering Materialism
Sermon #24 - What Do You See?
Sermon #25 - Turning Worry Into Trust
Sermon #26 - Anyone Got A Crowbar?
Sermon #27 - Golden Relationships
Sermon #28 - Wolves In Sheep's Clothing
Sermon #29 - The Fundamentals The Fool Forgot​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
As you can see, Jesus covered many topics that people struggle with today. Use this series to build your own mini series, or teach it straight through! This series represents hundreds of hours of research, careful hermeneutics and creative homiletics. ​What InnovativeWord likes to call "Sermoneutics"!

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