"An outstanding exposition of the seven miracles in the Gospel of John put together in one of the most practical sermon series I've ever seen." -Pastor Rick Jordan

Take your church back to the miraculous adventures awaiting in John's Gospel. This series not only helps seekers see Jesus as God, but helps believers realize Jesus can still do miracles today!
When You Need A Miracle is a sermon series kit from InnovativeWord that has everything you need for a 7 week series! Each sermon digs deep into the miracles in John's Gospel. It includes seven Outlined Manuscripts, seven Complete PowerPoint Presentations, seven Intro Videos, seven Listener Handouts with Small Group Discussions, and Graphics.

   Part 1 - When I'm Unsatisfied With Life
   Part 2 - When I've Lost All Hope
   Part 3 - When I'm Helpless & Alone
   Part 4 - When I Just Don't Have Enough
   Part 5 - When My Life Is Out of Control
   Part 6 - When I Question God's Purpose
   Part 7 - When My Life Stinks
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