Life is hard. We get hurt... by people, by loss, by addictions, by depression. And it leaves us "Wounded". This healing series from helps people find healing from some of the wounds they have been carrying around for years. Each sermon and power point is specifically designed to help the hurting and be set free from some of the most devastating wounds of life.
Part 1 - First Aid
Part 2 - Dropping The "F" Bomb! (Forgiveness)
Part 3 - Good Grief
Part 4 - Stop Hitting Yourself (Addiction)
Part 5 - Shut The Door (Dealing With Past Wounds)
Part 6 - Defeating Depression

Extra Material Included!
When you purchase this series, not only do you get 6 Complete Outlined/Manuscript Sermons and PowerPoints, but you'll also get Sermon Handouts and the Small Group Video Sessions. Each session takes learners through each message topic. Designed as a "complete do-it-yourself" video study to help small groups apply the healing of the wounded series.  Also included: The Small Group Leader Training Video.
Here's a sample of the Small Group Session Videos: